Premium Options Trading Courses

Our options trading courses combine the highest-quality education and exclusive, actionable, up-to-date strategy research in one neatly organized package.

Current Course Offerings


Volatility Trader

  Develop a deep understanding of VIX Exchange-Traded Products (VXX, UVXY, XIV, SVXY), even if you're a complete beginner.

  Learn how to identify favorable and unfavorable market environments for each volatility product.

  Learn our limited-risk, easy-to-understand options strategies that have had strong and consistent historical returns (based on extensive research).


Index Premium Seller

  Course focuses on selling equity index options (selling options on the S&P 500).

  Learn systematic (rules-based) options strategies that profit from range-bound markets.

  Perfect for traders who don't want to speculate on market direction.

  Exclusive strategy research and FULL trading plans.

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