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Our options trading courses combine the highest-quality education and exclusive, actionable, up-to-date strategy research in one neatly organized package.

Current Course Offerings


Volatility Trader

  Develop a deep understanding of VIX Exchange-Traded Products (VXX, UVXY, XIV, SVXY), even if you're a complete beginner.

  Learn how to identify favorable and unfavorable market environments for each volatility product.

  Learn our limited-risk, easy-to-understand options strategies that have had strong and consistent historical returns (based on extensive research).


Index Premium Seller

  Course focuses on trading equity index options (much more conservative than trading individual equities).

  Learn systematic (rules-based) options strategies that profit from range-bound markets.

  Perfect for traders who don't want to speculate on market direction.

  Exclusive strategy research not found anywhere else.

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